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Programme Overview

  1. Prospects for National and International Internships Summer Programmes and Cultural Exchange during all three years to strengthen your profile.

  2. Outbound Leadership Programmes to hone self leadership skills and confidence among students.

  3. Enrichment initiatives like the Mentorship Programme, which will be rolled out with the support of our esteemed ODA and DCBS Alumni.

  4. Beyond Your Degree – DCBM gives you ample opportunities to get involved actively in different extracurricular club and sports activities. In addition to this, at such a young age we offer you to the social platform to work for the cause of society and empathize with the underprivileged class of society.

  5. Peer Support – DCBM offers you one of the best opportunities to learn from your environment and peer group during various inbound and outbound activities and assignments.

  6. Our Ultra-modern theatre style fully equipped classrooms and tutorials offer you excellent quality of study resources.

  7. Your Placement of Accommodation – If you are not from Indore city, not to worry! DCB M offers a very comfortable hostel for girls’ with the facilities of four meals, laundry, and 24×7 Wi-Fi and full time warden on campus.

  8. Absolutely Secured lush green campus with fully trained medical staff and doctor is a call away.