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About Daly College

Daly College

The building was inaugurated on November 14, 1885, by the Viceroy, Lord Dufferin. By 1891 the Holkars of Indore and the Scindias of Gwalior donated the two student houses.

With group members and administrators committed to preserving and extending the values and traditions which shape education. Over the years, The Daly College outreach of services has expanded to serve the students and professional candidates across the nation. The Daly College is dedicated to providing candidates with the highest level of education and democratic environment that encourages lifelong participation in the acquisition of knowledge.

The main building was officially inaugurated on 8 November 1912, by the Viceroy, Lord Hardinge and the old campus was given up. For the next 28 years, the College was open exclusively to the sons of the Chiefs of Central India. In 1940, showing great vision, the Board of Governors decided to prepare students for a modern and free India. The Daly College came together with a few other institutions and started the Indian Public Schools Conference (IPSC) its doors were thrown open to admissions on merit, regardless of caste or creed. Since then the Daly College has grown in strength and reputation and now offers the most modern of education – in a heritage setting. In 2005 it became a member of the Round Square.