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Academic Calendar

Daly College of Business Management

Academic Year 2018 – 2019

Dates Day Particulars
20th August 2018 Monday New Academic session (2018-19) commences
Induction Week    
20-25 Aug    
20th August Monday Introduction to DCBM /Ice – Breakers/Sessions on Life Vision/ Emotional & Social Intelligence
21st August Tuesday Session on Digital Revolution & Social Media/ Management Games/ Do’s & Don’t’s/ DCBM Mail ID’s
22nd August Wednesday Eid Holiday
23rd  August Thursday Departure for Outbound Programme
24th August Friday Evening return from Outbound Programme
25th August Saturday Off
Week 1  (*27/08 to 1/09)    
Full Month   Assisting students in courses as per DAVV
27th August Monday A/Y – 2018-19  Commences (Term – I) 
Week 2  (*03/09 to 8/09)    
Full Month   Assisting students in courses as per DAVV
3rd September Monday  Janmashtami Celebration
4th September Tuesday Janmashtmi Holiday
5th September Wednesday Teacher’s Day Celebration
7th September Friday Enrichment Sessions (eCommerce & Banking)
Week 3 (10/09 to 15/09)    
12thSeptember Wednesday Enrichment Session (Personal Branding)
13th September Thursday Ganesh Chaturthi Holiday
15th September Saturday Student Committee Selections
Week 4 (17/09 to 22/09)    
17th September  Monday Mentorship Launch
20th September Thursday Enrichment Sessions (Higher Education in UK, Christosh & Meditation and Mindfullness, Dr PK Gupta)
PEP (Mr Ajay Bagadiya)
21st September Friday Mohramm
22nd September Saturday Group Discussions
Week 5 (24/09 to 29/09)    
24th September Monday Local Holiday (Next Day to Anant Chaturdashi)
26th September Wednesday Sports
27th September Thursday Enrichment Session (Motivational Talk by Dr. Sandeep Atre)
PEP (Mr Ajay Bagadiya)
30th September Saturday Interviewing your Classmate
Week 6 (1/10 to 6/10)    
Full Month   Assisting students in courses as per DAVV
2nd October Tuesday  Gandhi Jayanti
3rd October Wednesday Sports
4th October Thursday PEP (Mr Ajay Bagadiya)
5th Octiber Friday DCBM Clarion Launch
Week 7 (8/10 to 13/10)    
8th October Monday NEN (Mr. Amit Singh, Regional Manager, Wadhwani Foundation)
10th Octiber Wednesday Indore Times Fresh Face (Talent Hunt)
12th-15th October   Internal Exams 
Week 8 (15/10to 20/10)    
15th October Monday Garba Night
18th October Thursday PEP (Mr Ajay Bagadiya)
19th -20th October Friday to Saturday Dussehra Break
Week 9 (22/10 to 27/10 )    
24th October Wednesday Maharshi Valmiki Jayanti
25th October Thursday PEP (Mr Ajay Bagadiya)
Week 10 (29/10 to 03/11)    
Full Month   Assisting students in courses as per DAVV
29th October Monday CMA (Ms. Suchita, Miles Education)
30th – 31st October Tuesday-Wednesday PCM (Mr. Bishan Chakraborty, Miles Education)
Week 11 (05/10 to 10/11)    
Full Month   Assisting students in courses as per DAVV
3rd Nov  Saturday Diwali Celebration
5th Nov.- 11th Nov. Monday to Saturday Diwali Break
Week 12  (12/11 to 17/11)    
13th November Tuesday IMA Students’ Chapter Inaugration
14th November Wednesday Children’s Day Celebration
15th November Thursday PEP (Mr Ajay Bagadiya)
15th to 23rd November   Enrollments of 1st Semester Students at DAVV
16th November Friday Brand & Advertising Workshop (Dr. Rajeshwari Ravi)
17th November Saturday Parent Professor Meet
Week 13 (19/11 to 24/11)    
19th November Monday PCM (Mr. Jai Eapen)
21st November Wednesday Milad-un-Nabi – Holiday
23rd November Friday Guru Nanak Jayanti – Holiday 
Week 14 (26/11 to 1/12)    
30th November Friday IMA QFL
1st Dec – 15th Dec   Exam Form Forwarding
2nd December Sunday ODA Lunch for Showcasing DCBM
Week 15 (03/12 to 8/12)    
Full Month   Assisting students in courses as per DAVV
Week 16 (10/12 to15/12 )    
11th Dec Monday Last Teaching Day
12th Dec Tueday IT Practical Examination
13th-15th Dec Tuesday to Saturday Remedial Classes
Week 17-19(17/12 to 6/01)    
17th December Monday Christmas/ Winter Vacation Commences        
25th December Monday Christmas
1st Jan 2019 Monday New Year’s Day
5th January Saturday Staff Resumes
Week 20(7/01 to 12/01)    
Full Month   Assisting students in courses as per DAVV
8th to 14th January Tuesday to Monday Pre University Examination
Week 21(14/01 to 19/01)    
15th to 21st Jaunary   Preperatory Leave
18th Jaunuary Friday IMA Conclave
19th January Saturday IMA Conclave
Week 23(28/01 to 02/02)    
22nd January to 9th February   DAVV 1st Semester Examinations
Week 24(4/02 to 9/02)    
22nd January to 9th February   DAVV 1st Semester Examinations
8th February Friday Faculties attended FDP by Jaipuria Institute of Management Studies
Week 25(11/02 to 16/02)    
11th February  Monday 2nd Semester Teaching Commences
15th – 16th February Friday to Saturday Table Tennis Tournament
17th February Sunday Faculties represented DCBM at College Buzz 2019, Crown Palace
Week 26(18/02 to 23/02)    
19th February Tuesday Sant Ravidas Jayanti Holiday 
21st February Thursday PCM  (Miles Education: Harvard Case Simulation)
22nd February Friday CMA (Miles Education)
23rd February  Saturday Dr. Sonal Sisodia attended Board of Studies Meeting at IPS Academy
Week 27(25/02 to 02/03)    
26th February Tuesday Industrial Visit: Moira Sariya
26th February Tuesday Prof. Neetika attended Career Fair at Choithram International School
27th February Wednesday Mentorship Session for Dr. Namrata’s Mentees with Mr. Anirudh Dashora
28th February Thursday PEP (Mr Ajay Bagadiya)
March Full Month   Assisting students in courses as per DAVV
1st March Friday DCBS Alumini Meet
2nd March Saturday DCBS Alumini Meet
3rd March Sunday DCBS Alumini Meet
Week 28(04/03 to 09/03)    
4th March Monday Mahashivratri Holiday
5th March Tuesday Mentorship Session for Prof. Neetika’s Mentees with Mr. Abhishek Jhaveri
6th March Wednesday Mentorship Session for Dr. Sonal’s Mentees with Mr. Amit Kasliwal
7th March Thursday PEP (Mr Ajay Bagadiya)
8th March Friday NEN Orientation Session
9th March Saturday NEN
Week 29 (11/03 to 16/03)    
14th March Thursday PEP (Mr Ajay Bagadiya)
15th March Friday NEN
Week 30 (18/03 to 23/03)    
20th March Wednesday Holi Celebration
21st March Thursday Holi Holiday
22nd March Friday Holiday
23rd March Saturday Holiday
Week 31(25/03 to 30/03)    
25th March  Monday Rang Panchmi
26th to 28th March Tuesday to Thursday Internal Examination 1
29th March Friday NEN
30th March Saturday PTM
Week 32 (01/04 to 06/04)    
April Full Month   Assisting students in courses as per DAVV/ Admission Counseling Begins
1st April Monday Social and Mobile Marketing Workshop by Mrs. Anu Sinha, St. Xavier’s College , Mumbai
2nd April Tuesday Workshop on Forecasting & budgeting Techniques, Mr. Rohan Chopra, Miles Education
3rd to 9th April Wednesday to Tuesday Educational Tour to Hong Kong (Regular Classes for the students not opting for the tour)
5th April Friday NEN
5th April Friday Startup Club: DISRUPT
6th April Saturday Guddi Padwa Holiday
7th April Sunday Chettichand Holiday
Week 33 (08/04 to 13/04)    
12th April Friday NEN
13th April Saturday Ramnavmi Holiday/ DCBM MUN
14th April Sunday Ambedkar Jayanti / DCBM MUN
Week 34 (15/04 to 20/04)    
15th April Monday Communication Project: Video Presentations
16th April Tuesday Communication Project: Video Presentations
17th April Wednesday Mahaveer Jayanti
18th April Thursday Communication Project: Video Presentations
19th April Friday Good Friday
20th April Saturday NEN
Week 35 (22/04 to 27/04)    
22nd April Monday Presentations for Foreign Internships
25th April Thursday Parent Professor Meet
26th April Friday NEN
27th April Saturday NEN
Week 36 (29/04 to 04/05)    
May Full Month   Assisting students in courses as per DAVV
1st May Wednesday HR Activity on Labour Day
2nd May Thursday Startup Club: Idea Box Competetion
3rd May Friday NEN
4th May Saturday NEN
Week 37 (06/05 to 11/05)    
7th May Tuesday Parshuram Jayanti Holiday
8th May Wednesday CMA/PCM
9th May Thursday PCM
10th May Friday NEN
11th May Saturday NEN
Week 38 (13/05 to 18/05)    
13th to 17th May Monday to Friday NEN
14th May Tuesday CMA 
15th May Wednesday Last Teaching Day for BBA Curriculum
18th May Saturday Buddh Poornima Holiday
Week 39 (20/05 to 25/05)    
20th May to 22nd May Monday to Wednesday Internal Examination 2
23rd to 25th May Thursday to Saturday NEN
Week 40 (27/05 to 01/06)    
28th May Tuesday Pre University Examination Conclude
29th May Wednesday Remedial Classes Commence
31st May Friday NEN Evaluations
1st June Saturday  NEN Evaluations
Week 41 (03/06 to 08/06)    
3rd June Monday Prepratory Leaves/ Doubt Clearing Sessions Begin
5th June Wednesday Id-ul-Fitar Holiday
Week 42 t0 44 (10/06 to 29/06)   Tentative dates for DAVV 2nd Semester Examination
Week 45 to 49 (01/07 to 10/08)   Summer Internships/ Semester Break for Second Semester Students
5th August 2019 Monday Orientation Week 1st Semester BBA
13th August 2019 Tuesday 3rd Semester Classes Commence

Students Corner