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Administrator Message

Dear readers,

I am very much delighted to write this message to you dear friends! We all know that preparing the new generation for knowledge -society is crucial for any educational institution. We must give our students the skills with which they find a way through the sea of knowledge that we have created and continue with life long learning. To fulfill this mission, we are determined and committed in creating the capacities required among the students, the capacity for creativity and innovation, the capacity to use high technology, the capacity for entrepreneurial leadership and the capacity for moral education.

The value based quality education that you will get here will stay with you as an asset that would guard your education and character. We all know that mere learning and gathering of information is not enough to succeed in life, it is the humility in one’s achievements, that makes one a great person. DCBM will cultivate in you those values that will make you stand out in the crowd and impart the wisdom of being and becoming not only a successful person, but also a great human being.

With best wishes,

Mayurdhwaj Singh