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Principal Message

Dear readers,

I welcome you to the vibrant, vivid and effervescent realm of DCBM; where your hopes, expectations and dreams shall culminate into enriching accomplishments at myriad fronts. There is so much to learn here, so much to see, it’s exciting! Studying at DCBM shall truly become a remarkable and enriching experience for you all. The fantastic college opportunities that are waiting for you aim at giving each student here an equal opportunity to excel in life, irrespective of their background; to renew the spirit of inquisitiveness in them, and to introduce them into a new life, that is both blessed and inspiring.

You echo a lot of our enthusiasm! At DCBM, surprise yourself with your ability to be creative. Embrace the newness, inflame your intellect, inculcate the proud feeling and we will ensure a blissful living, innovative thinking and versatility for you that would remain etched in your memories forever.

May God bless us abundantly in all our endeavours,

Dr. Sonal Sisodia